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..our story

“TASTE” – a unique experience in taste & service

Welcome to JHK & DD’s place…

The Korean kitchen is famous for taste, inclusive atmosphere and its service.

This is our story

Our story starts early in 2008. Working in the tourist business altogether for several decades, JHK & DD, travelled throughout the Baltic States, from Tallinn in north to Vilnius in South. They wanted to find out what the Baltic States could offer visitors. Restaurants and food are one of the most important products for people on travel. Hundreds of restaurants were visited and evaluated.

They found many good restaurants on their way; however too often JHK & DD experienced service were not according to expectations, quality and level of the food. The routines often became more important than the guests.

This started what now has become TASTE. Our policy and goal is very simple.

It is to treat you and give you the same service as when you are getting an important guest at home!

At TASTE we focus on you as a guest from you enter the restaurant till you leave. JHK & DD and all who work at our restaurant want all guests leaving the restaurant with a smile on their face after a good dinner, small meal or just a cup of coffee. We really care of how every single guest spend their time in our restaurant – our slogan is GOOD FOOD & A JOYFUL TIME! This in deep respect of the valuable time and money you spend as our guest.

The Korean kitchen has been chosen. Today there is no real Korean restaurant that matches the criteria’s of traditions set by the Korean cuisine in the Baltics – that is until now. Based on outstanding raw ingredients, a variety of dishes and a cozy including atmosphere, TASTE will take you through a journey of Korean feast dishes. There are not many cuisine’s in the world were you will find the same commitment of using basic good raw materials as in the Koreans kitchen and it is combined with long traditions of excellent service. We will make sure you have a unique visit at TASTE.

The Korean kitchen was chosen of several reasons. The unique inclusive atmospheres you find in good Korean restaurants are most important. Of course JHK coming from Korea himself is also important. DD is Lithuanian, but he as well has been to Korea several times & both of them just love Korean food. And of course.. No real Korean restaurant existing in the Baltics was important.

With our restaurant we will do our best to contribute to Vilnius city going more international by including a new taste in the city’s international cuisine and help to increase level of service – TASTE!

And as Koreans say: You must have healthy and long life, eat a bit of everything, eat a lot and get a really full stomach!